a significant bullet


So I signed up for Last.fm Premium for a year. I was hesitant as there isn’t a reliable way to scrobble my tracks with Apple Music.

I was using an app called Eavescrob, but it only scrobbled music in my library. And I listen to a lot of music that’s not in my library but I want added to my Last.fm profile.

I found an old Reddit thread and someone mentioned QuietScrob. The big thing about QuietScrob is that it scrobbles non-library tracks. So I decided to try it. So far, it works well. It didn’t scrobble an obscure Hot Mulligan track and that concerns me.

But I think I’ll give it a try for now.

If anyone has a better way of scrobbling  Music to Last.fm, please let me know. My Mastodon handle is below, but here it is anyway: @caycepollard@appdot.net

(Also, trying the iOS WriteFreely app so apologies if there are issues in publishing this post)

#applemusic #ios #lastfm


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