Superman in my Mind

I wrote this for a magazine (Zathom) that gave you three words to use in a flash fiction piece.

You had to integrate the three words into your story and keep the word count under 60 words.

I titled it Superman in my mind and submitted it. I didn’t expect any response.

Apparently, Zathom editors loved it, published it, and featured it on their website and print version.

I also got paid $100 bucks simply for writing nonsense in 58 words.

Anyway, here it is:

Carlos lights up a cigarette, heavy glow, an island of red in blackness. The band plays on behind the walls, muffled but strong. “They’re pretty good” he says as he takes a drag. Newborn smoke from pink lungs curls in the buzzing streetlight. Anxiety is getting to Carlos. This woman is alien to him.


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