New Direction

I write too much political crap. And it's bad political crap. Which made me decide that I'd rather take a new direction with this blog. Make it softer and more welcoming.

I'm going to leave the previous posts up as they took quite a deal to write. But I don't think I'm going to write in the same space as they exist anymore.

My academic training had me forcing an argument into everything—creating controversial topics simply for the sake of controversy. And it was what I was interested in, but mainly it was for controversy. Which seems a little fake, devious, manipulative.

So no more of that crap. I would like a balance between the breezy self-updates of TMO and the meaning created by a NYTimes article. But even the NYTimes has humor and light stuff.

So there. My blog was also down a day due to a payment issue. Worked it out and now everything is back.


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