Back to Wordpress it Seems

So a friend of mine noticed I'm pretty good with this online stuff. She's wanting to start her own service of helping people with art therapy. Which I dig, I'm all into art therapy, especially for kids (whom are her main clients). And these kids produce some friggin' amazing art.

I can only draw stick-figures. Poorly. Here's is an attempt of me trying to make my own cartoon “self portrait”:

Me as a bad drawing

Pretty horrible I'd say. I stopped drawing after I embarrassed myself by making a horrible personal comic journal. It was maudlin and with bad drawing abilities. Not the endearing bad drawings like Jeffery Brown. No, bad bad like a 3 year old with a box of crayons.

Nonetheless, despite any artistic skills beyond writing, my friend loved the design of my webpages and asked me to help her start up her business page. She's been having a really hard time lately—really hard—so I said yes.

She knows nothing of technology. I asked her what she wanted her domain name to be and she had no idea what I was talking about.

Anyway, I gave her the short and sweet of how the internet works, she kinda understood, I registered her domain, got it hosted, and spun up a Wordpress install.

Since I've been with my hosting company for over a decade, I get premium Wordpress themes and plugins from them. So I just installed one of the premium themes, added basic descriptions relevant to her business, and sent her the link.

I was on FaceTime with her and the moment she saw the site she started crying. Happy crying. Tears of someone who has had nothing but shit thrown their way for months and finally, finally, something goes right.

She cried for 15 minutes and went over everything on the site. She was so happy.

I explained to her it's a template we can manipulate and all the things we can do. She got so excited and we worked for another 2 hours adding wording, changing placements of images, getting her site ready.

So it's back to WordPress for me for awhile. I thought I'd be done with it, but hey, making someone happy doing something I know and is easy for me is the best thing I can do.

I may not be getting paid for this work, but I don't care.

Her smile was payment enough.



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