AI and Existentialism

I think with the rise in AI creations and how the Singularity is becoming more and more a real possibility, we need to listen to James Gleick. He wrote The Information which explores “…how digital information is now being understood in relation to physics and genetics.”

White robot looking right at the camera.

Gleick is exploring how current technology is changing us as humans.

Existential questions such as: what does it mean to be human? Are we making ourselves irrelevant with the advances in technology? If a computer becomes sentient—shown with ChatGPT and AI art—is humanity still viable?

What worries me is the use of AI-created information being used to further a certain agenda.

Let’s be honest: most people are lazy and stupid. At least on social media. They don’t critically think or research the information they consume. Using AI-created art or writing to push an agenda could be very easy and cause a lot of trouble.

Become media literate. Think critically.


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